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Canadian Round Watch w/ Rogers SIM

SKU: 8030100999
WellBe® Medical Alert Watch is a mobile emergency alert device that provides the security of knowing help is just a button push away, anywhere you need it.


Warranty: 35 Days

*Price includes watch and subscription

Say “Hello” to WellBe® and say hello to peace of mind. The WellBe® Emergency Alert watch keeps you safe and secure 24/7 knowing help is just a button push away.

4G Network – WellBe® Medical Alert Watch subscription includes 4G cellular data to keep you connected.

Heart Rate Monitor – Built-in heart rate monitor allows you to check your heart rate anytime.

Pedometer – Built-in pedometer tracks your steps, helping you live a more active, healthy lifestyle.

GPS – WellBe® Medical Alert Watch features GPS to send emergency services to your exact location.

Water Resistant – WellBe® Medical Alert Watch is water-resistant for use in the shower, while washing hands, watering plants, etc.

2-Way Communication – In the event of an emergency WellBe® Medical Alert Watch allows you to speak with our US-based Emergency Monitoring Center right through the watch.

Companion App – The WellBe Virtual Assistant app has a user-friendly interface that keeps you connected to your healthcare information and WellBe® at all times, even when on-the-go.

Remote Registration – Setup and register WellBe®  from anywhere using our Universal Registration feature.

WellBe® Medical Alert Watch has a sleek, modern design with a large watch face for easy viewing that doesn’t make you choose between style and security. WellBe® Medical Alert Watch uses GPS location and 4G connectivity to quickly locate you and send services in the event of an emergency call. Our dedicated U.S.-based call center is there to answer the call 24/7/365.

WellBe® Medical Alert watch features include:

  • Mobile PERS (Personal Emergency Response System)
  • 24/7 Access to Emergency Monitoring Service
  • 4G Connectivity
  • GPS location
  • Pedometer
  • Heart-rate sensor
  • Water-resistant design
  • Long battery life
  • Digital or analog watch faces and more…

Use the WellBe® Medical Alert Watch in conjunction with your WellBe® Virtual Health Assistant Smart Speaker to provide you and your loved ones peace of mind and security.

Be Heard, Be Healthy, Be Empowered. With WellBe®.


Fall detection enables your WellBe Medical Alert Device to automatically place a call for help when a fall is detected. Fall detection is available on the WellBe Medical Alert Device for an additional monthly fee.

How it Works:

Fall detection is designed to detect when a hard fall occurs. A hard fall is any sudden downward movement unique in speed and distance. Detecting only hard falls limits the number of false alarms and provides a better user experience. When a hard fall is detected your WellBe Medical Alert Device will automatically initiate a call for help and connect you with emergency services without the need to press a button.

Fall Detection, if included in your medical alert subscription, can sometimes activate during non-falls, and does not always detect 100% of falls. If the user is able, they should always press the help button on the device in the event of an emergency.


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